The gift wrap is the missing piece. Maybe you forgot to buy holiday wrapping paper at the shop, or the extra gift bag that you thought you had in your closet got lost. Maybe your budget didn’t allow you to buy anything more Don’t fret! It’s possible to make beautiful gift wrapping with everyday materials. You can make beautiful gift wrapping using everyday items like shopping bags, printer paper and envelopes. We’ll show how it’s done below.

This thickness is perfect for wrapping. If you are concerned about the paper being transparent, use two sheets to wrap. However, copy paper isn’t very large. To cover larger items, you may need more than one copy paper. You can create the look by using a marker or paint pen to draw on the paper. Bold retro patterns like sprinkles, dots, and curves are the New Memphis movement. This season, the hand-drawn look has become very popular. Make sure to use it to your advantage. You don’t have to be perfect. Memphis-Milano style can be your inspiration

Shopping bags make a great source for wrapping paper. The look you get is both classic and chic. You don’t need to buy grocery bags. Instead, you can use shopping bags from other retailers. Shopping bags of any color can be used here.

My husband Craig and me live in our RV full-time, in case you’re new to this site. Since almost four years, we have lived a full-time traveling lifestyle. We love it! We have learned to slow down, live more intentionally and to enjoy the full-time adventure and joy of travel. The holidays can still be stressful for me. I’m a giver and love to see grandkids’ eyes light up when they discover a new toy.

Although it fills me up for a brief time, I feel it wear off quickly when I look at the piles and piles upon piles of toys that my friends and relatives have given me. How can a child have 50 toys? It is impossible. The worst part is that they won’t remember any specific toys. They won’t remember a specific toy unless it is tied to an experience. Sometimes they are. I’m not advocating against toys being taken away from the children. It’s part and parcel of being a child.

As a child, there wasn’t a lot of “things”. That’s why I spoiled my grandkids and kids with too many gadgets and toys. I didn’t want them wanting the same things as I had. I think I was able to get more when I was younger. WOW! I was able to pass on the “over-consumption gene” quite well, wasn’t it? Although I am the one responsible, it’s safe to say society was a major factor. You will be tempted to buy holiday gifts if you only see ads for them from September to December.

A big gift was one of my most memorable holiday presents growing up. It was my first concert! It was a Captain & Tennille concert. You’ve probably heard of their song “Love Will Keep Us Together”, even if you don’t know them. It was my favorite gift, because it gave me the most amazing experience. It made me appreciate live music. That experience will be a part of my life forever.

This is what I want for myself, and most importantly for my grandkids and children. I want to give them meaningful experiences that create lasting memories. They could change their lives. I’d love to help you achieve the same.

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